Types of trucks and truck wallpaper

Truck is a motor vehicle for transporting goods , also known as freight cars . In the form of a small car called the item pick- up , while the larger form with 3 axes , one in front , and behind the so-called tandem tronton truck , being used for the transport of containers in the form of a patch called a truck trailer .

Ankle is an arrangement in which the rear wheels in a single axel truck is two wheel and rear wheel only has one Axel

Maybe you often hear this name . And many who think this is even though this is a brand Configuration . Namely Rear Wheel has 2 axel axel and each has four wheels

Trintin on the wheels of the Home has 1 extra axel axel and each has 2 wheels that can function for steering and to the rear Axel and have only one rear wheel number 4 pieces

Trinton not much different from trintin . It’s just that the rear wheels have a 2 axel axel and each has 4 wheels

5. Double Engkel
Actually the name is a bit ambiguous where the ankle meaning that 1 and 2 doubles but yes please . The difference is the ankle truck is on the rear wheel axel wheel number is 4 and only have 1 axel .

Several well-known types of truck
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